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1991 – Pete met Angel Wallenda of the world renowned Flying Wallenda’s – After meeting Angel, Pete wrote the song ‘Life On The Wire’. The song was used in a TV feature on ABC about Angel’s life story. The song became Angel’s theme song for her shows, before her unfortunate passing in 1996.
In 1995 Pete wrote and performed the song “Tell Me Why” which was written for the Oklahoma Disaster. His song was aired nationally. Major newspapers across the nation had written articles about his song. ABC Television did a featured interview on Peter expressing their thanks for what he had done.

The turn of the century did Peter good…. In 2000 he had the opportunity to hook up with one of the greatest rock guitarist in the business, Richie Scarlet. Peter performed on Scarlet’s new CD “The Insanity of Life” featuring artist like: Ace Frehley, Leslie West, Ty Tabor, Anton Fig…and toured in 2002 as Richie’s keyboardist and background vocalist. Peter is also an endorsed Hammond Artist.

Artist Pete has had the privilege to either record/or perform with:

o Leslie West & Mountain tour in 2006
o Fergie Frederiksen,former lead singer of TOTO
o Larry Hoppen of Orleans
o Joe Buchard of Blue Oyster Cult
o John Regan (Frampton, Bowie, Stones, Dave Edmonds, Ace Frehleys Comets)
o Ron ‘Bumble Foot’ Thal of Guns N Roses
o Anton Fig of David Letterman
o Sandy Genaro of Cindy Lauper, Pat Travers
o Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Cactus, Beck-Bruce-Appice)
o Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper
o Kenny Aaronson of Bob Dylan, Foghat, Hall and Oates, Sammy Hagar
o Ace Frehley of KISS
o Dez Cadena of The Misfits
o Richie Scarlet of Leslie West & Mountain, Ace Frehleys Comets, Alice Cooper, Sabastian Bach
o Rich Eckhardt of Toby Keith

In 2012 Pete completed the new Richie Scarlet CD ‘ I Plead the Fifth’, which also features Pete’s new single –‘Lost In My World’ and ‘Carousel’. Other CD credits for ‘Revelation Supreme’, “Fever” and ‘Insanity of Life’
Other accomplishments is a song he wrote for the Tsunami Disaster “Lives Will Begin” and also a song for the Virginia Tech Shooting “How could things be this way”. Peter dedicated a song for Pilot Capt. Sully who saved the US Airway Plane in the NY waterways. Pete now resides in Nashville, TN where he has started anotherchapter to his musical career.. Contact info: Peter Gallinari:, Faceboo 


I have been privileged and honor to be part of the Hammond family.  Thank you to both Greg Gregory Gronowski and Scott May  for bringing me onboard. Its been a blast and there is so much more to come.

New Project

I am excited about being part of a new project here in Nashville. Tribute band for Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel. Keep an eye on this. Great sound and players. Check out  our rehearsal video. 

2017 Hammond Summit

A day of celebration for Gregory Gronowski

styx tribute

Dedication to STYX 

Lost in my world

My single off of the Richie Scarlet CD - I Plead The Fifth 

for france and manchester

Dedicated to those who lost family and friends during the terrorist attacks

we can't dance

Tribute band to Genesis - Phil Collins - Peter Gabriel

Richie Scarlet

Performing with Richie Scarlet & Bumble Foot (Ron Thal - Guns n Roses)

Peter Gallinari

The Journey - An Instrumental 

One Day In Time

It was a Blues day

Love In Their Eyes

Dedicated to those children born or have survived Cancer - God bless our children



 Check out these pedals. Amazing 'Grinder' pedal that took my keyboards to another level. Power solo's. And its not just for guitars!!

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